Trouble Keeping Heart Rate at Intensity Level 1

Q: As a beginner, I have been rollerskating as much as possible to learn how to be more efficient on skis. My problem has been with Intensity Levels. I just cannot keep my heart rate at Level 1. My question: Is this ok or should I be doing something like biking/running instead?

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.14.14 AMA: It is great that you are getting out there this early in the season but I would be weary on consistently getting your heart rate above Level 1 during your workouts. Right now the focus in the workouts should be towards building the base fitness so that the body is ready when we really ramp up intensity in the late summer and fall as we come in to the competitive season.

I would suggest that you mix up your mode of exercise and do some biking, running, or even hiking. Target your Level 1 heart rate for these workouts for a couple weeks and you will probably start to see your heart rate drop while roller skating to a more reasonable level for the pace you wish to go. Being diverse in your training right now will also keep you mentally fresh and you won’t be sick of it by the time fall rolls around and it is more important to get in ski specific workouts. Hope this helps out and keep having fun out there!

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