Available Now | Cross Country Ski Performance Testing

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CXC Performance Center, Madison (WI)

By:  Peter Graves

MADISON, WI – For those that may have thought that sophisticated testing opportunities were strictly the domain of national team elite skiers comes exciting news about cross-country ski specific testing located in the heart of Wisconsin’s capital city. It’s easy to get to, and it’s better than ever.

CXC now offers the opportunity for skiers of all ages to ski indoors on a 10×12 roller skiing treadmill which offers testing amenities like a VO2 max and lactate analyzer, and innovative Dartfish softwear technology that features front and side view imaging and power pole.

CXC Executive Director Yuri Gusev said today that they are ready to roll out another exciting feature to the CXC training offerings saying….”We have a training facility now with rollerski treadmill, VO2 Max testing equipment and lactate. Last year we have developed poles, that have ability to measure force and power output. It is a finished product and have been used for testing by USSA staff, U.S.Paralympic Team and Russian Institute of Sports Innovations.  We have been also working on two other training/testing devices for cross country skiing. One is double pole ergometer with using actual ski poles and another one is double pole treadmill. We are also currently using this testing equipment for biomechanical analyses and technique efficiency. “

CXC Coaches including Bill Pierce, Andy Keller, Andrew Poffenberger and Gusev will personally analyze the data and make recommendations. Together they have used this equipment for elite athletes for eight years and have conducted an astounding number of test sessions of well over 500. Now this special opportunity is available to you.

“What we are simply saying” said Gusev, “is that measurement is a way to quantify the data, testing is the tool that allows us to make suggestions about strengths and weaknesses, and about quantity and value. Testing is also a way of establishing a baseline which is so important for athletes to know where they are at. Without these kinds of evaluations in endurance sports like cross-country skiing it is like playing basketball in a dark room and not knowing where the net is.”

The testing process also plays an important role in the quality of physical and technique improvement. If you are looking to make that next step forward in your training plan this off-season, we would love to hear from you.


Each session is priced at $150 for a full hour of testing. The price for an adult group is $500 per day, and $250 for a junior group.

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Questions? Ask Us support@cxcacademy.com


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