How Fast to Progress on Adding Weight

Q: I am somewhat new to the use of goblets and medicine balls and am wondering how fast to progress on adding weight. I am feeling very comfortable at the eight to ten pound weights currently.

A: Here is the answer straight from our strength coach, Andy Keller:

“Now that we have lowered the number of reps we are doing we would like to increase the amount of weight or adding difficulty to each exercise. I would suggest adding an amount of weight that makes the exercise difficult enough where the last couple reps are harder.

Be aware that adding too much weight will cause your technique to decline and that is not something we want. We are still looking for completing exercises with full range of motion and they are under control.. If adding weight isn’t an option for exercises, try adding some difficulty through unstable surfaces or adding in some other perturbations. Also make sure you are taking enough time in between sets (1.5 – 2 minutes). Our last rep of the last set should be just as quality as our first rep of the first set.”


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