Reorganizing Training While Doing Glacier Hikes

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.13.44 PM

Image Courtesy: National Nordic Ski Foundation

Q: I am doing day hikes in Glacier for 7 days; hiking for 4-6 hours most days with some rest day(s). I can not see I will able to maintain Level 1 rate all day and would have to drop the HR. How do I view this 7 day period and how should I organize my activity to maintain or advance my training.

A: We don’t believe you have to really plan out what exactly your 7 day week of “training” will be like. Hiking is a great workout as it is a long sustained effort that will have you floating between almost all of the training levels at some point. Most of the time will be spent in Level 1 but there are times that you may get up to even Level 4.

That being said we would just suggest you keep yourself aware of how you are feeling day to day. If one or more hikes begin to take a toll on your body and you start to feel overly fatigued or even come down with an acute overuse injury, those are types of things that could have a negative effect on your training going forward.

As a whole, this hiking trip will probably do great things to your general fitness with being out there for 4-6 hours each day. Taking 1 to 2 days off of the super long hikes may be a smart idea to give the body a chance to rest. As well as assessing yourself and feeling after coming back into the plan the following week. It may be smart to swap a few workouts around and start the week off with a Monday rest day and Tuesday as an easy distance day.

Enjoy your trip and we hope it goes well!

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