Switch Your Level 4 Session Day to the Race Day

Q: Hi Coach! During the Fall I have three races planned, two rollerski and one biking biathlon. What do you suggest I do with my training plan? So far I have bee using the “workout importance” to move things around and miss as little training as possible.

A: If there is not any racing specific days on your plan, you can always switch your Level 4 session day to the race day. This will get you the Level 4 work that you need in the fall without overloading you. What I mean by overloading is doing multiple intensity sessions in one week since those are the sessions marked most important. That can take a toll on a person that may put you in a deficit. Instead of taking out one of the least important general distance or strength sessions, just substitute your structured intervals for a race.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.00.22 PM


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