Should I be increasing the over distance time to ensure I can do the Birkie?

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.18.46 PM

Q: This month the training plan reduced the Over Distance (OD) workout… and I’m concerned that I won’t have enough distance practice to do the Birkie. Will the Novice plan get me to my goal? Should I be increasing the OD time to ensure I can do the Birkie?

A: The plan is set out to be cumulative so if you’ve been following the plan so far you have probably had a few long workouts that will definitely get you prepared for the Birkie. Going forward the plan will be decreasing in volume slightly but increasing in the amount of hard, intensity workouts. This is the normal set up for a typical training plan. Because of the drop in volume your long session will decrease slightly but they will always be long enough to stress the correct energy system that you need to train for a long distance event. In order to correctly peak for a race, this decrease in volume and increase intensity must happen. I can almost guarantee you that you will start to feel able to go harder and faster even with the decrease in these longer ski’s.



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