I Need a Pair of Universal Skis

Q: What ski type (cold/warm), flex, grind is universal enough to cover the following conditions: start temp of 10F with hard track that turns into 25F and squishy snow that’s had 1000 skiers go over it.

SKATING: Typically for a universal skate ski you are going to want something that has moderate length contact zones in front and behind balance point. You are going to want something relatively stiff that will give you the stability needed in most snow conditions. A universal grind that doesn’t have a lot of structure will do well. We are sponsored by Rossignol and for that brand I would recommend their S2 ski. Which is the all condition ski. S3 for them is a warm ski with shorter contact zones and a higher camber height, and their S1 is their soft snow ski that has longer contact zones and lower camber.

CLASSIC: A universal classic ski will have a moderate camber height that will hold your kickwax off the snow for most conditions. Again contact zones are similar for each conditions as in skate skis. You just need to find a good flexed ski for your weight that holds kick zone off snow under half body weight and closes only when you fully weight ski and rolled up on ball of foot.

Again for grind, something without a lot of structure. When you look at it you would see that it looks fairly smooth and not a lot for the snow crystals to grab on to. You can always add in more structure with tools then take out something that is ground into the ski. So going with a blank cold grind sometimes works better.

Andy Keller, CXC Development Coach


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