What makes a good post exercise food?

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 12.25.11 PM

Label Information Snack Bars Post Exercise Bars
Carbohydrate 15-30g 30-100g
Protein <6g 6-20g (0.1-0.2g/kg BW)

**10-20g will provide amino acids to help muscle recovery

  • Note – Watch the fat content 3-4g is OK
  • Post Exercise Food Choices
Quick & Easy Sport Bars Beverage/Drinks Other Foods
Powerbar Recovery Milk based fruit smoothie Low fat yogurt with granola
Cliff bar Low fat chocolate milk Lean meat sandwich
Luna Sunrise bar Carnation instant breakfast Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Gatorade energy bar Boost Fruit with Nut butter
Kashi Go-Lean bar Ensure Cottage Cheese with fruit
First Endurance Bar Endurox R4 Single Serve tuna packets with crackers
EFS Sports Bar Mix 1 Fruit Salad with yogurt
Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookie Powerbar Recovery drink Bowl of cereal with skim milk
GeniSoy bar Chocolate Soy Milk Trail mix with piece of fruit
Powerbar Performance bar Ultragen (by First Endurance) String cheese with a piece of fruit
Veggie burger on pita bread

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