How important is it for a skier to train both techniques?

Q: If a skier primarily races only skate technique would they benefit overall from switching it up more, and vice versa ? Will being a better classic skier also help you become a better skate skier?

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.27.31 AM

A: Thanks for the question. We do believe that becoming a better classic skier will help you become a better skate skier. In classic, a primary technique used is the double pole. The double pole is one of the key elements that carries over to all techniques used while skiing.

Building a strong double pole will help in all poling motions in both skate and classic. It is also good to get variation in your training so that specific muscles do not become overused.

Switching between classic and skate is a good way to keep training fresh and new. In the training programs prescribed to our athletes, skiing is usually broken down into 60% classic and 40% skating. This is because of what we said before about building strong poling muscles.


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