Does Roller Skiing Damage the Surface of Modern Tracks?

It’s not unheard to use a track to ski on. There is even an instance where the top 2 skiers in the world did a mile race during a pro track race in Europe.

That being said, a couple things to consider:

A rubber track may be a little difficult for glide, as it may be like skiing on a chip sealed road that is a little soft. I’ve done it before but definitely less glide then a road.

A mondo track, like the one in the video, is going to be smoother, still a little soft, but will provide a surface that is good for practice. It may however show pole marks a little more then a rubber track, so doing no poles (or using Nordic walking pole tips) may be better in that instance.

In my experience, using empty flat parking lots and dead end roads are the best options for beginner skiers that may not be ready for the open road.

by Andy Keller (CXC Team Head Coach)

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