Low Enough Over Distance Heart Rate

Q: I am fairly new to skate skiing, and have started rollerskiing this summer to help me advance in the off-season. I simply can’t ski slow enough to get my heart rate within the suggested range (lower than ~150) for those over distance workouts. Would you suggest either doing shorter over distance workouts, or taking frequent breaks during the workout?

A: Snow skiing and rollerskiing both use more of your entire body thus, push up your Heart Rate. For some rollerskiing also increases heart rate due to anxiety of balance, control and pavement. So yes if you can not keep your heart rate down, then yes, I would suggest you use rollerskiing to work on technique and upper body strength and switch to running/walking with poles for your over distance low heart rate days.


Also try a rollerski that rides lower to the ground with perhaps faster rolling wheels. This may allow you to enjoy your rollerskiing at a lower hear rate.

But I say ski walk with poles for OD and use rollerskiing for technique and specific strength.


– Andy at SkiPost


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