Highest Priority Marathon Race vs. Other Races

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Q: In looking at the racing schedule, there are marathon distance races available each weekend (City of Lakes Loppet, Mora Vasaloppet, the Birkie, and the Pepsi Challenge).

The Birkie is my highest priority race. Can I manage a proper taper for the Birkie (I’ve been following a combo of the Intermediate/Advanced plans) and still participate in other marathon races earlier that month?

In January I will try to do a couple shorter races (10K-25K).

A: As you mentioned in your question, every weekend offers an opportunity to get in a marathon race effort. My suggestion to best prepare yourself for your goal race would be to do the City of the Lakes Loppet which is two weeks out from the Birkie. With the Mora Vasaloppet being the weekend before, this may be a little bit too close to this goal race to properly taper.

Our Taper Plan will have you doing a Volume Week four (4) weeks out from Birkie. The 2nd week will be an intensity week, which would be the week we would be adding the City of the Lakes Loppet. Then you will have a recovery week with 1 shorter intensity session, and then race week.

I think this would lend itself to being the best taper plan for you, if your goal race is the Birkie.

Hope this helps and good luck with training going forward.



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