Iron Cleaning

Q: I was wondering what are the appropriate steps to take to clean a wax iron between waxing for glide and applying base binders (i.e. klister or hard wax binder). Also, my iron has gobs of hardened glide wax on it. What is the best removal method for this?

A: It is best to have two irons. One digital for glide and an inexpensive one for kick. Otherwise it is really difficult to make sure that you do not get kick into your glide or visa versa. But if you must share an iron, wipe thoroughly with fiberlene between jobs wile the substance is still warm. If you warm up the wax you should be able to rub it off with fiberlene. Worst case, wax remover but not hot.

– Andy at SkiPost

WAX ROOM – Cleaning and Maintaining Tools

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