How should I correctly measure/perform a medium to short interval?

Coach: I typically attempt to do an even pace that brings me into the Level 4 range, trying to evenly pace the whole interval speed so that I will climb to, but not exceed the Level 4 within the 5 minutes.

Level 4 intervals will on a whole be a faster pace then what we typically do for longer intervals. I would say the general goal for whatever length interval we are doing is to complete each one with the same quality as the last. What we want to avoid is going out too hard in the first couple of intervals and then blowing up for the last one or two. Feeling like you could do maybe one more interval at the end of the session is a good way to know that you finished without exceeding your limits.

Sometimes when you are doing max intervals where you are trying to hit max lactates and heart rates, it is good to push yourself to maximum or complete failure. But those types of intervals should only be done when coming into race season.


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