Considering a Variety of Factors When Choosing Exercises to Replace Runs

Q: I’m still in therapy rehabbing my knee and unable to sustain impact for any significant time when running. Can the training program be successfully accomplished in the absence of this mode of training?

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.38.51 AM

A: The great thing with our program is that it is adaptable to meet the needs of the individuals themselves. A lot of people that use CXC Academy take each workout and adjust it slightly to fit what their ability and bodies can do. So if that is doing a little less running and and more biking, paddling, or other cross training activities, that is perfectly fine. One thing that you may have to consider is the economic cost of each mode of activity. In biking, you have moments where you are just coasting, and the overall work that you are doing over the course of 30 minutes is going to be different than if you were to run those 30 minutes. For activities like biking where the work may be less than what the prescribed workout is, you may want to add on some time to either the interval length or workout duration. That way we can develop the same training effect we are looking for.

It sounds like you are doing things the appropriate way with gradually working your way back into things. A lot of people tend to relapse in their injuries by jumping back into training too fast. Have a progression plan figured out of how you are going to work back into the exercise modes that use your knee and have given you trouble in the past. It may be staying at one duration for a number days or weeks and then progressing or slowly increasing your time each workout you go out. Having a plan in place is a good start to any recovery plan. However, if things don’t progress like you hope, there is no sense in sticking with the plan that you have set, – alter and restart.

The biggest thing that I say about dedicated training and getting back into shape is you have to be consistent. It doesn’t really matter what mode of exercise you are working out in, but the fact that you get out and do something active for a certain amount of time each day. You’ll see your biggest gains when you find that consistency.

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