The Sognefjellet Mountain Pass is Now Open for Ski Training

The part of Scandinavian Mountains located along the southwest cost, is receiving incredible volumes of snow during winter periods, and there is more than enough snow to ski on at the altitude of 1400-1500 meters till the middle of June or the beginning of August.


The Road #55 takes you from Lustrafjord to national parks of Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen. In thirty kilometers from the seaside it goes through the Sognefjellet Mountain Pass (1434 meters), – the tallest in the Northern Europe. Up to ten meters of snow appear here during winter periods, thus it can be open for car traffic only at the end of April. From the 20th of May, the Sognefjellet Skiing Center is open to everybody.


In order to create perfect conditions for skiing in the summer, the Sognefjellet skiing center starts to prepare and groom eight kilometers of ski trails back in February.

Below you can find temperature stats for the Mountain Pass during the last year. Negative temperatures are guaranteed up to the middle of June.


One can rent a mountain hotel room right next to the ski trail for 70-100€ per night with full board. Ski pass prices start at 10 Euro per entry.

You can also run, bike or roller ski on the 1400 meters of the Mountain Pass.


Sognefjellet Skiing Center:


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