Specific Strength Workout Pick-Ups

Specific Strength – Building strength and power using ski specific activities (i.e. double pole, single pole, Concept2 Ski Erg, etc). Specific strength is almost exclusively done on skis/rollerskis, and the movements are always ski related. The workout is often done on an uphill to add resistance.

To understand specific strength, think of it as a strength workout on skis. You will perform a certain number of sets and repetitions and progress to harder resistances (inclines) as you become stronger.

Specific Strength Workout Pick-Ups – Pick-ups done during specific strength workout. These exercises are not meant to be top end speed drills, they are meant to increase your ski specific strength.

Intensity and Recovery Period – Proper technique is the most important component in specific strength, not intensity. If you feel good, go a little harder. If you feel tired, go a little slower.

For the specific strength workout we want you to complete exercises with equal, active recovery. What that means is that you should continue to ski easy during your rest using double polling as well as striding for several minutes in-between sets.

Be sure to do this workout on rolling terrain, a gradual climb can be very beneficial. Try to find a location that you will be able to return to, so that you can track your progress over the following weeks.


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