Learn, Train, Track and Build

Cross-country skiing can be tricky to master…


Learn Proper Technique
Before your first workout, take the time to watch our technique videos. Learning proper technique from the start will help you ski better and faster in the long run. It will also help prevent injury and keep you from developing bad technique habits that are difficult to break.

Educate Yourself
Become familiar with the basic things that will be key to your long-term success: equipment requirements, workout types, training plan terminology, performance testing, ect. A lot of it can be found in our blog; we recommend taking the time to look through it.

Track Your Progress
Monitoring your progress is one of the best ways to stay motivated and achieve your goals. We recommend keeping track of your progress by recording all your workouts online or on paper.

Train with a Partner
Finding a workout partner can make a huge difference in sticking to a new routine.

Build Up Gradually
When you first get to ski, resist the temptation to do too much too soon. Instead, make sure you focus on your technique and learn to maintain a steady pace.

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