How do I join CXC Academy in the middle of the year?

If you are coming to CXC Academy from another endurance sport we recommend that you follow Period 1 of whatever level you are choosing. If you know you are going to follow our “Performance Plan” based on 400 yearly training hours, pull up Period 1 and start it from the beginning. Follow that plan for about two weeks, and then you can make the transition to the start of the actual Period you are in.

Say you are joining us right now, at the start of Period 7, pull up Period 1, and follow that to “Week 2”, and then transition to Week 3 in Period 7. When it’s time for Period 8 to be released, you should be able to make the transition to that period and follow it all the way through. It’s okay to make adjustments to some of the workouts, as this is only a template. Specifically, in the first two weeks after making the switch to Period 7 it’s fine to take it a little easy to avoid any injury.


Q: According to your plan you recommend starting in phase 1 for 2 weeks. I’m coming off a full season of bike racing and over the past 2 weeks have done long L1 skis. Would you still advise those 2 weeks to get used to the intervals and speed?


A: You are coming off a full season of bike racing. You are probably ready for the intense workouts because of the fitness you are carrying over, however we would suggest holding off on the intensity for the first 2 weeks to give yourself a little rest time in between ending biking and starting up ski training. This will allow your body to get some rest and prepare itself for the next sport season. It is hard for your body to hold high fitness for extended periods of time. So if you were to begin training high intensity right away, when it comes February, we don’t believe you will be in your top shape. So, keep the first 2 weeks easy to build the volume and body back up and jump right in to the full workouts.

The main focus at this point in the season is to build capacity for the heart and muscles and then gradually gain race fitness through intensity sessions as we work into the ski season.

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