Bliz Cycling and Nordic Sunglasses

Q: What is the difference between Bliz Cycling and Nordic sunglasses?

A: The key Bliz cycling glass are the Velo XT and Velo XT small face. Cycling is considered by Bliz a High speed sport where you want most to all wind going around the lens and face. So the Velo XT wraps the face completely and tightly and also the top brow of the frame sits high on the face so you do not see it when you are deep in the drops.

The Force (for larger faces) and Rapid (for smaller faces) are the key Nordic sunglasses. Cross country skiing and (running) are considered by Bliz to be medium speed sports where you want a bit of ventilation between the lens and the eyes to eliminate fogging and reduce face heat. So these frames are positioned slightly farther off the face than the Velo XT with lens shapes that allow a bit of face ventilation.

All of the Bliz Glasses have adjustable nose pieces and temple arms so you can micro adjust the position for your ideal fit and ventilation. You can wear the Velo in Nordic, they will just not be as fog free at the Rapid and Force even when positioned close to the face. You can wear the Rapid and Force for cycling, they might not be as wind free even when positioned closer to the face.

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