Long Term Birkie Outlook and Discount

Currently forecasts for the Birkie indicate overnight lows of around 0f and highs of around freezing for the whole period before and after the Birkie. With this in mind, you might want to consider some cold weather gloves or mittens, Thermo Race or Thermo Plus gloves, some Birkie wax such as LF or HF Blue and JetStream Blue, and maybe some tools such as fiberlene for ironing JetStream, a copper, horsehair, or nylon polishing brush, a Thermo Pad, or an iron!

Hopefully our local stores are well stocked with whatever you are looking for. You can always order at TokoUS.com and guarantee that you will have what you need well ahead of time. Ordering at TokoUS.com and using the discount code TOKOBIRKIE will give you 15% off from now until the end of February.


Ian Harvey, TOKO

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