What should the time period be between AM and PM workouts?

Q: Could these be grouped together as one long workout or are there more benefits in spacing it out?

A: The AM workout is usually the main workout of the day, and the harder one. Usually, it takes 4-5 hrs to fully recover and be ready for the second workout of the day.

You can move one of the workouts to one of the rest days. Take the easier of the two workouts, for instance, a ski with a few sprints during it, and move it to the Thursday or Monday rest day. Make sure you monitor your feeling during the workouts, and if you are feeling run down from all the workouts, don’t hesitate to take a workout off or an easy day. Rest is just as important as the workout itself. The only way to improve your fitness is to allow your body to adapt to the training stresses.

Good luck and have fun out there!


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