Period Four of Training for Cross-Country Skiing

Video Transcript:

This training period is somewhere in between the middle of July to middle of August.

At this time of the year we’re doing more intensity work that’s becoming more and more ski-specific. Still keeping it into the threshold, primarily threshold with a little bit of Level 4 introduction.

So reflect back and make sure that those activities that you’re doing in following the plan, consistency is the most important component, but you also need to focus on quality as well. What does quality mean? Always asking the question, “Is this making me a better cross-country skier?”

So look at your training. Make sure you’re identifying strengths and weaknesses in your plan for you as an individual and making sure that they’re making you a better skier.

As we move ahead, the major change from period three to period four is actually a shift in the type of strength training that we do. We’re adding weight but we’re not adding a lot of volume of strength. We’re going to actually flip it a little bit.

Now we’re going to add velocity. So when we add velocity, we actually take weight away. We become more plyometric. Plyometrics is more hopping, jumping, skipping. But we also think about that in the upper body too. How can we become more dynamic with our upper body?

So reduce the amount of weight and increase the speed of movement. Similar activities that you are doing in the lifts but now you’re going to take weight away and now you’re going to do something very plyometric. For example, if you’re doing squats and lifting and doing squat weight, you’re doing slow and controlled with max lifting. Now you’re going to take the weight away and you’re going to do vertical jumps. Maybe you still have 10 or 15 pounds in hand but we’re moving much faster, by also making that strength functional.

The general premise of the strength, the only thing that really changes is that you’re reducing the weight, increasing the velocity of movement.

As it relates to the distance type of training, continue on the same path that you’re on with a little bit more introduction of ski-specific modality of training. That means more roller skiing, both classic and skate, as well as a good amount of footwork running, hiking, that sort of thing.

Simple hikes, you do not have to just purely run. But you can also walk or do long hikes with poles in very hilly terrain. Start to use terrain to your advantage to also introduce a little bit more strength training in an endurance side of things.

Intensity remains the same. Still doing primarily threshold-based with a continued introduction of level four type of intervals.

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