Period Five of Training for Cross Country Skiing

Video Transcript:

We are now into period five and there are a couple of things I want to talk through before we actually talk about the specifics of training.

Number one is polarized training and basically what that means is that when we go easy or we have endurance, easy endurance training, that we actually truly go easy in our training. The goal there is to improve our aerobic capacity and then when we go hard or at higher intensity, it’s when we say we’re going to do a level four interval session, that we’re actually going really quite hard.

We don’t want to have our easy training be too hard because then we don’t have enough recovery to go hard on our hard days. Then all we do is we get more and more tired.

So we really want to make sure that we’re training polarized or when it says easy training, that we’re truly going easy, and then when we’re going level four, that we’re truly going hard. Why that’s so important right now in period five is because in period five, it’s one of our highest volume months.

With that being said, it’s very easy both in period five and period six to train too hard on our level one type training, our easy training, and actually leave our whole season far too fatigued for the rest of the competition season.

The other concept that I want to talk through is compartmentalized training or making sure that all of our training actually flows from one to the next. It’s really complementary and it’s not just isolated so that when we’re out doing distance training, we’re just doing distance. We’re also working on technique.

Everything must complement one another. This complementary training is really important. So making sure that for example our strength complements our intensity training and that’s also extremely important as we move forward.

So as we discussed – the endurance, intensity and strength type of training in this period, first and foremost, it’s high in volume. Because of that, we want to make sure our easy work is very easy and it’s also becoming more and more specific to cross-country skiing.

Again more roller skiing, a little less biking type activities. Intensity, there’s a bit of a balance between threshold and Level 4 training. We can get a little bit creative here. If you’ve trained over the years, you can actually blend the two. Maybe what you do is you do a Level 3 workout or a threshold and add – maybe it’s five minutes on of Level 3 and then maybe one minute of Level 4 at the end. That’s a creative balance or you can have very specific ones.

Another thing to do is make sure we have accelerations in our distance training, but full recovery in between. Then the strength, we’re still focused primarily on the velocity-based training and we will talk about moving back into max strength in the next period.

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