Period Seven of Training for Cross Country Skiing

Video Transcript:

One of the things I want to talk about is strength and how we complement strength in the type of a routine where we’re doing a lot of ski-specific activities and high-intensity activities.

Regardless of the fact that we’re doing higher intensity training, we still want to do strength and that strength complements the type of training that we’re doing.

If the majority of your races are December, January, then we really want to focus on velocity-based type intensity or velocity-based strength. Another complement we can do is to blend the two and it’s called complex strength where we do a lift or we would do maybe like a squat with weight and then immediately after we do vertical jump and that becomes a super set or a complex strength where we do something that’s loading, loading of the weight as well as then taking the weight away and then doing something velocity-based.

Intensity during this time again needs to become more and more specific to the sport. If you’re doing more double leg activities, now we want to become more single leg activities and more specific movements to the sport. That includes in both intensity, distance, as well as strength training. It becomes very specific to the activity.

In recovery, this is a great opportunity to maintain or stabilize our full body strength and full body movement. So, think about being creative here, doing activities such as yoga or getting massaged. Those sorts of activities become really, really important as the intensity increases.

In endurance, because we’re doing higher intensity, more Level 4 intervals, more ski-specific, the volume may drop a little bit.

We’re focusing mostly on very specific activities of endurance but the actual overall volume starts to reduce as we focus more attention on the competition season. See you next period.

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