Twin Skins


Hello, I’ve ordered a pair of new Fischer Speedmax Twin Skins. Could you advise on best products to clean and de-ice the kick zone? So far I see that Swix, Fischer and Rex all offer such products, usually a cleaner and de-icer, but I don’t know if one is better than the others.


I also have a new pair of Twin Skins. I really like them for my personal training purposes in tricky conditions where finding good wax would take a lot of time. The prep I have done is to simply use the prep package that came with the skis and applied it to the skins and skied the rest of the season. I was satisfied.

I have not used the Twin Skins for races, just training. So, I have not done any testing of the various “skin” prep products yet. You can use any brand prep product on any ski brand’s skins. The different skins may be of slightly different materials, lengths or densities, but are all set up with the same theory of providing kick and glide. So, experiment yourself (or with your buddies as a group) with the different skin prep products and use the one you like best. (I would not be surprised to find out that there is not a huge difference and best choice may be the most convenient from both an application standpoint and from an availability at your local shop.)

Note, I had last year’s Twin Skin model and used it all spring without any new daily prep and I enjoyed my skiing, especially the low maintenance aspect in spring klister conditions. After passing my pair from last year down, I’ll probably do the same thing with my new pair.


Joe, thank you for the response. I’ve also decided the Twin Skins are terrific for training but would not
likely race on them. You answered my biggest question which is how often do you need to prep themcand apparently the answer is “not much”. Good to know. I ski almost daily here in Colorado so less prep will be a time saver.


I have always thought in normal conditions I can wax with kick wax that is far better than the skins, even if I have over waxed and have some drag.

If you do mess around some with different prep products, let me know your feedback. In CO, you may have some friends or acquaintances who back country with skins on the way up and take them off for the earned turns on the way down. May be ask them if they do anything to their skins and if so, how often. I’d be interested in feedback from a person not reping a wax company.

– answered by Joe Haggenmiller

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