Period Ten of Training for Cross Country Skiing

Period Covered: DECEMBER – JANUARY

A lot of times here when we’re dead center in the competition season, there are a couple of things that can kind of fall by the wayside. Endurance training, strength training. But not only that, – basic health. Think about your recovery at this time of the year and think about how you can kind of stabilize and maintain a lot of things, recovery modalities, very active things like stretching immediately after your training and competitions as well as making sure you’re taking in fuel immediately after skiing, but most importantly immediately after your intensity work, both the races as well as intensity intervals.

Taking fluid as well as some protein and carbohydrate, bananas, electrolytes, sport drinks, peanut butter sandwich. Whatever it may be, get some food in you immediately after and then within 2 to 2.5 hours after your training, make sure you’re getting in a full meal.

You also really have to look at personalizing your training. You have to ask yourself, “What are the most important competitions of the season?” These most important competitions of the season might be right now or they might be in the next two periods. That makes a big difference as far as how you address and how you target your training.

If your goal is right now, and those target races are right now, this is when you need to compete. Then you need to really focus on kind of tweaking back a little bit of the volume, tweaking back a little bit of the strength, so that you’re really well-rested and well-recovered to do target races right now.

On the other hand, if your focus is in the next two periods, those were your competitive season where you really want to target those races, then make sure that those – you’re still getting in an increased amount of volume as well as adequate strength. You’re going to have to make a decision and you may have to train through some races.

One of the things that I really encourage the athletes is to be selective in the races that you do. The goal is not to be the one that does the most races. It’s the one to be the best at the races that you compete in. So target the events that you want to do and prepare for those events. That includes unfortunately having to prioritize and train through some of the events.

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