Brushes: when to use what and why

by Ian Harvey

    • After skiing and before hot waxing: brush out well using the Toko Copper Brush;

    • After hot waxing and scraping, for all waxes: brush out well using the Toko Copper Brush;

    • If using Blue (cold) waxes: finish by brushing out well using the Toko Horsehair Brush;

    • If using Red or Yellow (medium and warmer) waxes: finish by brushing using the Toko Nylon Polishing Brush;

    • If using topcoats such as JetStream Powder or Bloc: have a separate Nylon Polishing Brush specifically dedicated for brushing out JetStream.


That’s it! Just 3 brushes for hot waxing and 1 brush for JetStream.


There are two more brushes in the program which are the Combi Brush and the Nylon Brush.

The Combi Brush is a brush that is 1/2 copper and 1/2 nylon. It is simply a money saving option with a definite performance compromise as well. The Nylon Brush is very popular but I don’t use it personally. I think it is OK but doesn’t do anything particularly well. I prefer to use the brushes mentioned above.

The Copper Brush does everything that you want a metal brush to do (open up and clean the base, remove wax) but none of the things that you don’t want a metal brush to do (create “hair”).

The Horsehair Brush has fine but stiff bristles which are perfect for brushing out cold waxes. The bristles are fine enough to remove wax from the microstructure and they are stiff enough to remove hard waxes such as Blue quickly and easily.

The Nylon Polishing Brush also has fine bristles but is very soft and flexible. This brush removes less wax than the Horsehair brush and is perfect for finishing the warmer hot waxes and topcoats such as JetStream.

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