What is CXC Academy?

Come spring after a season of racing, or during the mid-summer grind of training, starting the same old training plan or workouts can become a bit monotonous year after year.

Fortunately, Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) has just the program that shares all of its training tips, tricks and secrets by providing training plans for all types of skiers. For over a decade now CXC Academy has been a valuable tool for athletes and coaches around the nation and internationally.

Subscribing members have access to training plans and videos from CXC Academy monthly. The training year is broken into four week periods starting each week on a Monday and concluding on Sunday totalling 13 training periods with 28 days in each period. Four fresh weeks of training is published each month.

“CXC Academy is a membership based program designed for anyone from entry level skiers, looking to become a more efficient skier, to citizen racers, to junior skiers hoping to qualify for Junior Nationals, as well as all levels of coaches and instructors,” – said Gusev, CXC Executive Director

In addition to training plans, CXC Academy offers monthly ski-specific strength workout videos and has an extensive video library with ski technique videos, training and recovery tips, equipment demonstrations and wax room videos. There are new video offerings published each month.

Personal Coaching

The newest CXC Academy membership enhancement is the Personal Coaching option. Through CXC’s Personal Coaching membership, skiers have access to monthly training evaluation and adjustment, e-mail communication with the assigned coach, weekly phone calls with the coach, a personalized training plan and logging workouts through Training Peaks software and much more!

Whether a skier is a beginner looking to finish their first 5k, a Master skier training for a big ski event, or simply looking to improve overall strength and fitness, CXC Academy has a training program to meet any goal.

To learn more about CXC Academy and how it can help you improve your cross country skiing, check it out at www.cxcacademy.com.

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