By Scott Lacy

In a culmination of the video series on Stability, Mobility and Recovery, this month’s video is on Automaticity.

Automaticity is the ability to focus on external factors while the elements of skiing you have trained throughout the dry-land season are now automatic in the subconscious body.

The balance and stability on a gliding ski or the delivery of power while double poling on varying terrain are no longer the conscious focus while skiing but instead the tactics of a race or the technicalities of the course become the focus and the body knows what to do.

This video shows 4 of my favorite drills for automaticity and moves toward ski specific exercises as we all move onto snow and spend more time skiing! Of course there are variations and improvisations to be made with each exercise, so take this as a guide to personalize the way you work on the elements of skiing at home. Happy beginning of winter. See you on the trails!



Article Credits: EnjoyWinter via SkiPost

Knee Stability Exercises

Due to a personal history of knee issues and my experiences with weak and strong ankles, knees and hips, I find myself re-learning the importance of basic knee stability exercises. So much so I made a video to share my favorite exercises. No matter what level of skiing or outdoor sporting, no matter how competitive you are, increased knee stability will allow you to use all that volume and strength, and ultimately aid in preventing injuries, applying good technique and having more fun doing whatever you are doing.

– Scott Lacy, Biathlete with CrossCut Mountain Sports Center